The Job Board

This board has appeared in the spirit realm, tied to the energies of a Fire node. Unlike the unreliable and crazed rambling of priests, this board gives a very straightforward description of the sacrifices that can be made to appease the universe, and what is gained in exchange.

Each job has one thing in common: the burning of the target in sacred fire. This might be an item, a type or thing, a person, or even an empire.

The Seven Swords of Akim Zer
Target: The Seven Swords of Akim Zer
Boon: The Eighth Blade
Description: In an ancient land, a swordsman swore to find his destined partner, the perfect sword to match his abilities. In his travels, seven swords caught his eye, but each failed him along the way. He died before ever finding that perfect blade, but he who sacrifices the seven swords that betrayed him in the Sacred Fire will be granted that mythic weapon.

The Seven Swords are scattered around the world, but collectors have gathered them. Four of the swords are held in the vaults of Moln: The Serpent’s Fangs – twin kukri, one shattered and one blackened; the Zweihander Bone-Smasher; and Fleur du Mort, a rapier that has killed everyone it has successfully pierced. Two of the swords are wielded by Edon al Ru, pretender to the throne of Girim Dor. One is the longblade Mercy, and the other is the shortsword Finality. The last sword is a blade known only as the Possible Sword, and is being worshipped by a group of cultists inhabiting the Plateau of Leng.

The Heretical Monk
Target: Imuro Nomuzen
Boon: Blessing of Salt
Description: The monk Imuro Nomuzen has discovered a way to extend his own existence and power in exchange for becoming stained deeply with corruption. The lands in which he walks become terrible places, with death, disease, and famine all siphoning bits of the lives of others to feed his power. Over the centuries, he has come to see his corruption as a blessing, and has adopted apostles to carry it to far away lands. The person who ends Nomuzen’s existence with sacred flame will grant his clan the Blessing of Salt.

The Ashes of War
Target: A war
Boon: The Tear of Amhara – a potion which instantly heals any damage that a land (a province) has suffered.
Description: For this boon, the petitioner must contrive such that the sacred flames are the cause of the end of the war – be it the final attack, a threat which makes a side back down, etc.

Making Amends
Target: The curses of Komalandra
Boon: The Omikuji – a charm which can be used to seal away one mistake made by a person, reducing or eliminating its consequences so long as the charm is never again opened.
Description: Atop the Spires of Kembreog lives a criminal who changed his ways and became a hermit. But everyone who he harmed in his past has given birth to a curse. His existence is beseiged by a thousand and one curses. His body is withered, his vision is clouded, his words stolen, his fortune drained away. To gain this boon, you must capture one of his curses and burn it.

Heated Words Completed
Target: The essays of Gregorius Poldant
Boon: National Anthem – you can grant supernatural power to a single cultural work made by your clan.
Description: Gregorius Poldant wrote a series of essays on the human condition. Those who follow his words become despondent or bitter or cynical, more willing to sacrifice their fellow man on the altar of convenience. The words themselves have taken on a poisonous quality, actually capable of destroying a community’s culture and moral codes wherever they are spoken. Find a copy of these essays and burn them symbolically in the Sacred Fire, to steal the power from the words and render them back into naught but speech.

The Job Board

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