Illothe Nation

Technologies: Medicine, Mutation, Theology, Clockwork, Smithing, Alchemy, Herbalism, Biocraft, Psionics, Bioelectricity, Physics, Law, Engineering, Trade, Biometallurgy, Time Travel, Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (1/4)
Magics: Circle, Symbology, Druidism, Summoning, Anima
Nodes: Air, Air, Life, Earth

Human: Normal Humans
Children of the Forest: Humans born of Nymph and Human couplings. Similar to humans except for some common physical traits (green eyes, olive skin, dark brown hair) and in that they are born psychologically and mentally mature at approximately seven years of age. Strictly female.
Leaffolk: Strictly female humanoids who display physical nature based manifestations in times of high emotions. Can learn Druidism and talk to trees.
Schism-People with multiple redundant organs and multiple brains. Slightly more pudgy and stocky than normal. Can spend BP to shift status effects on other personalities.

Biocrafted Species
Merrow-Mermaids! Kind of… Their top halves appear human, though because they reproduce as fish there is a distinct lack of breasts and nipples….much to some peoples dismay since they tend towards a lack of concealing clothing, however other characteristics (slender builds and long hair in females and stronger builds and short hair in males for example) are present. Their gills are slits that line the side of their necks. The other major difference is that the race itself is cold blooded. The race itself can be found occasionally (if adopted young by humans) in lakes dotting the land, but mostly in the former Dragons Teeth. They can exist outside of water, though only for a week at most as they breathe through their skin (like mudskippers!) which requires their skin to be moist. In addition it is hard for them to move without help out of water, though they are quite light and easy to carry due to a lighter bone structure.

Wardens- A race crafted ground up by Rolf. Wardens are mostly humanlike on the exterior with a few differences in pointed ears, ashen to light blue skin, and black to white hair. Wardens tend towards being slighter than humans which is mostly due to the fact that they don’t store fat well. Wardens are naturally psionic and extremely regenerative, leading to them to be powerful individual forces. Wardens, due to circumstances of their birth and upbringing, tend to be somewhat on the childish and alien side of things.

The Living Lands of Zenith
Terrain Type: Varied-21 (Bountiful Harvest) (pop cap increase .75 round to 1)
Population: 18
Standard Structures:
Logging Camp (Preservation techniques, Hall of Walking Trees, Auto),
Market (trucking)
Mines (Root System, auto),
Nutrient Absorber,
Smithy/Foundry (forgemasters pylon)
Null Factory/Hive (Blank Warrens, Skill Infuser),
Resource Extractor (Kinetite),
Church (Piety Matrix ,Monotheistic),
Courthouse (Harmony Synthesizer),
Psionic Tower (telepathy, telekinesis, fire),
University (Biometallurgy),
Observation Post (Reinforced)
Brothel (Hall of Fantasies),
Spore Launcher
Psionic Armory

Mindlink Hub
Institute of Myriad Form,
Lazarus Pits,
Symposium Obscura,
Crown Point,
Grand Temple (Soul),

1 Knights of Zenith,
11 Regular military
1 Windrider
1 Mindbreaker
1 Firestarter
1 Improved Null,

Giant Beetle
3 Garrisoned (1 Improved Null)
Standard: 18 of 21 structures
Unique: 7 of 11
3 Unrest

9 Influence (-6 upkeep)
11 Trade (3+7 Karl-1 Upkeep)
7 Material

Floating Mega Province
Horny Wood Nymphs
Rivers of Gold (+1 Trade)
Mist Beacon
Ocean of Life
Crashed Spaceship
Genius Loci

4 (Kaff farms, UN resource trade, Symposium, Soul Node)

Ticking Stuff
30% chance for Root System
13% chance Warrens Node
25% chance Institute of Myriad Form

The Living Lands are a mass conglomeration of Provinces levitating in the sky near the main continent, connected by massive clockwork elevators from what was formerly known as the Stormlands. Zenith contains two inland Oceans, one the former dragons teeth and one living ocean that was formerly Zorlum, in which lives the massive City Beetle. The seat of power continues to be Zenith though each family has taken over their own areas in the mega province. The former Eihwaz has been taken by the Slick family, Kaggzatha by the Chops, Zorlum and the City Beetle by the Greeneyes, and the Rutgerspeks have split between the Singing Woods and Telorus Canyon.

Building Descriptions
The Grand Cathedral of Life-Church/Monument/Hospital
The largest structure in the province. There are two major cathedrals in Zenith and Eihwaz with smaller churches dotting the province but the Grand Cathedral lies in Zenith proper. The Cathedral dominates the center of the jungle. The Cathedral spans about three fourths of an acre and rises about ten storys, being built in one of the largest trees in the province and incorporating many others in its structure.. The Cathedral is staffed by about 250 clergy (generally Greeneyes, including Grand Priestess Stella) and about 500 pages (young immortals and mortals). The Cathedral serves both as a place to spread the word of Illothe and to practice his teachings….or at least how Grand Priestess Stella tells them. Much of the staff here tends to live on site and are trained in at least basic medical skills, since the Lazarus Pits are not always necessary, leading to the Cathedral also serving as the largest hospital in Zenith. The Cathedral will frequently serve as an inn and sometimes permanent home of the homeless, dislocated, and preferred populace of the Living Lands.

Institute of Human Ascendance-Institute/Lazarus Pits/
Located in Zenith proper the Institute incorporates trees into its architecture but unlike the Cathedral, uses stone and steel more in its construction rather than wood. The inside is clean, well lite, and smooth which serves as quite the change from the giant jungle city outside. The institute is set up as a large laboratory run by the prestigious Grandfather Charles Rutgerspek of the 2nd generation. The Institute is where the populace goes for Mutations, biological research, and light biomod implants. Additionally the Lazarus Pits are housed in the Institutes lower level, multiple pools of a miraculous glowing green liquid that can heal any ailment, even age. There is a side area recently built near the Lazarus Pits to care for those that have unfortunate mental effects.

Soullands-Nutrient absorber/Market/Crown Point/Grand Temple
Soullands make up the northeastern portion of the Living Lands. Named such because of the Soul node the Soullands are the closest thing Zenith has to the country. Within the Soullands lies Crown Point, a large levitating town that only the most elite of immortal mages and engineers are allowed in, since it is what grants Zenith it’s mobility. Biotech is present here, more so than before, as the Nutrient Absorber spreads many acres. The Nutrient Absorber is managed by the mortal family Redson who harvests the teal and glowing nutrient pods and manufacturers the tealish sweet paste and drink that’s found in every Zenithites pantry. Other farms are still present dotting the landscape but few are even near the size of the Redson’s farm. The Green Market is present here as well. A sizable town full of shops and stands drawn from all over Zenith. While shops can be found all over this is by far and wide the largest collection in the Living Lands. As a sidenote Soullands has the lowest concentration of immortals living here and echoes of NOW can be felt here in there as some groups will resist technological progress.

Sapphire Raven Supply Corporation-Mine/Logging Camp/Stockpile/Resource Extractor
Born of the very unlikely marriage of Aisling Slick and Wood Chop. Originally raw materials would be mined or logged by people in general in camps owned by the Council. As of recently this couple, having studied Sakazuki business styles, have moved in and taken a monopoly on Zenith material production. Serves to solidify the Chop’s standing as a noble house.

Avelutt Hvile-Null Repository/Courthouse
The Final Repose. Death is frowned upon in the Living Lands. Always has been. But some wonder if death isn’t worth it. Death normally means giving your body to the land, so other life can grow stronger. But if you are judged as a criminal in Zenith one way or another you end up here. First you go through court, judged by representative of each noble house, a panel of mortals, and a representative of the offended party. The immortals make the final decision by popular vote, though the offended party can choose at any time to stop the trial, and the mortal panel serves as tie breaker and weigh in. Among all these eyes it is hard to prove your innocence, but anyone can weigh in on your behalf. The Null Repository serves as both a jail and a storage point for lobotomized bodies. The reason why the main jail is here is to remind the prisoners constantly of whats behind that wall. That and free/easy prison guards.

Grand Academy of Magic and Technology-University/Symposium
A carefully constructed project of all four families managed by Greatfather Thaddeus. The center of learning of Zenith, where Mystic Skills and Technology alike are taught. A rather radical place as it is set up to be one of the few places geared towards mortals. It’s programs take only 6 year to complete after primary education is completed (normally taking 10 years starting at four years of age). The Academy itself is carefully built to incorporate as much, if not more, nature than the Cathedral of Life, with trees and seeds having been taken from Zenith Proper to grow here for their size and strength. The Academy Grounds actually span an entire fifth of Eihwaz areas to house students from when they enter school to when they graduate. Students of the Mystic bend have it a bit harder here than normal students, as they are somewhat constrained to academy grounds until they graduate to avoid uncontrolled use of their skills, though they are allowed home for a two month period every year. Normal students are only constrained by their classes.

Tower of Ascendence-Fortress/Psionic Tower
Located in Eihwaz this is a well guarded and imposing structure built around a beautiful tower, which supplies the psionic capability of Zenith. The Ascendent fortress itself is almost a blemish to some, built out of stone and steel in a way emphasizing defense rather than natural beauty, clashing highly with the smooth curves and light green glow of the tower.The troops here are carefully selected from all the immortal families, rather than just the Chops, by the Council since they guard the most important structure in Zenith. Troops stationed here are military for a very long time, fortunately the Fortress is large enough to defend and cover a small village for them and their families.

Story Stuff
The nightmare is over, replaced by a dream. A false dream perhaps but a dream nonetheless. The tower sang and a smile was brought back to everyones face, the birds sang and the skies were blue. The Inquisition now walks openly, acting as a police force and received as well as one would be. They look for those who remember, those who resisted. Lovely day for it. The 1% of the 1% were taken off the continent, not hearing the Towers song. Helga Rutgerspek, meant to not be included in this group, has vanished and Grand Cleric Stella Greeneyes seems to have resisted it and carries too much power for the Inquisition to act. Raistlin Greeneyes has likewise vanished, beyond the grid of both the Inquisition and military.

The council has fully dissolved and reformed, Salazar stepping down after seeing in the next generation to work at the Grand Academy. Corina Slick, Micael Rutgerspek, Leonard Greeneyes, and Karate Chop have ascended to their fitting spots. Lovely day for it that. The hunt is on for the few remaining terrorist accomplices and for the two missing Elders.

Illothe Nation

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