Miki Sakazuki

Improves with age, like a fine wine


Conjunction 1:
Sakazuki (age 20)

A scruffy young man. Light of build and fairly tall, but tends to have a somewhat slouched posture that makes him seem shorter. Wears yukata that are of fine make but obviously fraying at the edges – second-hand, perhaps – and wooden sandals on his otherwise bare feet. Always carries a sake jug slung over his shoulder by a strap and at least one hip flask.

Conjunction 2:
Sakazuki (Age 35)

At this point in his life, Sakazuki has cleaned up his appearance a bit – slightly more clean-shaven, a cleaner hairstyle, and clothes to match his new station. Rather than carrying his alcohol in a jug, these days he tends to stash a few bottles in his coat. Carries himself confidently and with firmer posture than before.

Conjunction 3:
Sakazuki (Age 50)

As he ages, Sakazuki falls back into old habits. His face is covered with stubble and his skin has begun to crease. He wears fine traditional clothing, but does so in a fairly loose and casual manner, and the old sake jug has returned. Posture is relaxed around friends, but he can still have a more prominent presence when needed.


Conjunction 1:

Miki grew up running a small, run-down shop with his mother in the seedier part of town. The shop sold cheap booze made from the river-wine and had a back room where locals drank, smoked and gambled. Growing up surrounded by vice, Miki did his best to learn the tricks of the trade, and while his mother tended the shop he would go out and try to drum up business and peddle its wares. Business never really took off, but the place managed to get a few loyal customers and stay afloat. When the revolution took off, the shop was burned down by the Merchant Council’s lackeys, who suspected that the back room was a meeting place for rebel officers. After that, Miki took up the good fight from the sidelines, helping to maintain the rebels’ information network and supply chain. Since he obtained the blessing of the spirit, he has become interested in creating truly great drinks, and a great business – to rebuild his little family shop into something much more. With the events that concluded the rebellion, Sakazuki was named as “The Hero of the Burning River”, and instated a tradition that the overthrow of a tyrannical regime should conclude with the ceremonial arson of a notable landmark.

Miki thinks his first name is girly and embarrassing, so he goes by his last name “Sakazuki” instead.

Conjunction 2:

Now married to Sana of the Kanazaki yakuza family, with two children (eldest son Touji and younger daughter Touka). He enjoys spending time with his family, but is sad that he can’t yet go drinking with his kids. When at home, he’s quite domestic, using his alchemy skills to help with the cooking and letting Sana take charge of discipline and family matters. His relationship with his wife is an efficient and trusting partnership when work needs to be done, and often uncharacteristically passionate and tender during the few times they can truly relax with each other.

Sakazuki’s many responsibilities mean that he doesn’t get to spend quite as much time with his family as he would like. In this era, he has to balance administrative matters in Udo with political power games in Girim Dor, managing a large multi-national trade organization, and conducting “alchemical” (alcoholic) research with his apprentices. Though he spent the early years of his reign deathly afraid of the man, over time he developed a close relationship with Pembart al Ru which spurred both to greater heights. Influenced by his friend and rival, Sakazuki developed a confident demeanor and a daring attitude towards taking large-scale risks, leading to Udo’s intentional annexation by Girim Dor in the post-Pembart era.

During this time period, Sakazuki met the immortal entity Miyakari and was surprised to find in her a discerning individual who far preferred more primitive but well-aged brews to the products he developed with his alchemical research. He declared to her that he would make her a drink that would satisfy her, and soon returned with his finest creation to date – the Blood Countess. Whether by luck, skill, or simply fate, Sakazuki succeeded not only in satisfying Miyakari’s tastes but also in creating an allegory for her own past.

He has declared his intentions to contribute to building a better world for his descendants. As such, teaching has become one of his passions. He does not speak much of his relationship with Genkaku, but from what he does say to his closest confidants, it seems that while there is trust between the two of them, there may be some level of uneasiness beneath that. After all, Genkaku is either unwilling or unable (likely both) to explain both his origins and his goals.

Miki Sakazuki

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