Life above all else




Illothe is an exceptionally large God, towering far over the stature of a mortal. At first glance one would think him a God of the forest or nature but Illothe chooses this as a representative medium. In many ways Illothe values humans above all else. They are what improves the world and drives it forward. An animal may save its young and its own species, but humans have been known to fight tooth and nail for other lives. Even those that are not human.

Illothe understands that some life must be sacrificed for others to thrive. Plants must be eaten by animals must be eaten by people to survive. trees must be cut down to build shelter. But there is no greater sin than killing outside of complete necessity.

Illothe does have a dark side however. And this is Life above all else taken to the farthest reaches. This means that Illothe would completely steal a persons will and lock them away forever if it meant they would survive forever.


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